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COMBO J7 = کیبورد 88 کلید
The first digital organ with motorized draw-faders

The Combo J7 by Dexibell is a new digital organ that offers tone-wheel and vintage transistor organ sounds.
Forty years ago Sir Laurens Hammond created legendary instruments.
In 1975 the production of Hammond stopped and the Musical Instrument Industry tried to simulate that kind of
In fact during the ‘60s, Farfisa and Vox gave birth to “Compact” and “Continental”, respectively. The Famous
“cheesy sound” (how musicians used to call it) of these two transistor organs, has made them very famous and
still sought after. Dozens of clones were born.
Now DEXIBELL, with T2L technology, is able to reach a tonal quality in “vintage sounds”, unthinkable before for
a portable keyboard.
At DEXIBELL we did not settle just on tonal quality. For the very first time on a keyboard Dexibell has used
motorized faders, already known on high-end audio mixers.
COMBO J7 is the very first Portable Digital Organ with Motorized Drawbars that we called “Motorized DrawFaders”.
By introducing Motorized Draw-Faders we solved the common problem in every Organ Keyboard: the
wrong position of Draw Bars after a “preset/memory recall”
DEXIBELL’s Motorized Draw-Faders reinvent the “sound change” between different footage settings by
“automatic morphing” or even by pedal.
J7 is the best of Vintage Sounds - mixed with the very best technology
Amazing “True To Life” quality thanks to our new technology that combines “Sampling & Modelling” at 24 bit - 48 KHz with its unique algorithms and an unlimited polyphony.
Over 100 Organ Presets
Over 90 Sounds

73 key portable keyboard (106,2 x 33,7 x 11 cm size)
10 Kg weight

Authentic Italian Design
Ergonomic Panel Lay-Out
Motorized Draw-Faders

High Speed Quad-Core processor for maximum accuracy and reactivity to multiple 1 articulations of the player.
“To host” and “to device” USB connection
Bluetooth for audio streaming
Audio Recorder & Player

KEYBOARD     73 Keys water fall type       
TONE GENERATOR    T2L: Sampling and Modelling Technology        
SAMPLING    XXL wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes       
SOUND WAVE FORMAT    24 bit linear - 48 KHz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)       
DIGITAL ANALOG CONVERSION (DAC)    24 bit linear - 48 KHz, Dynamic Range, S/N:106dB       
MAXIMUM POLYPHONY    Unlimited with 320 Oscillator       
ORGAN TYPE    TW1, TW2, FARF, VX, PIPE + User1, User2 downloadable from website       
SOUND    Over 100 Organ Preset + 96 Sounds + User downloadable from website       
MEMORY    Internal: 36
User: Unlimited loadable from USB MemoryInternal: 36
User: Unlimited loadable from USB MemoryInternal: 36
User: Unlimited loadable from USB Memory       
TOUCH SENSITIVITY    5 Types + Fixed       
REVERB    24 Types       
EFFECTS    Rotary, Overdrive, Vibrato/Chorus for Organ + 2 FX x 14 types for each part        
MASTER EQUALIZER    3-band Digital Equalizer       
CONTROLLERS    Part Level Encoder x 2
EQ/FX Encoder x 4
Data Entry/Song Level Encoder x 1
Master Volume KnobPart Level Encoder x 2
EQ/FX Encoder x 4
Data Entry/Song Level Encoder x 1
Master Volume Knob       
PLAYER    MIDI    NO       
     AUDIO    .wav, .aiff, .mp3, in all format, frequency and bit rate       
RECORDER    AUDIO    .wav (48 kHz, 32-bit floating) on USB Memory       
     MIDI    NO       
TEMPERAMENT    8 Types       
USER TEMPERAMENT    YES: 3 User        
RHYTHM PATTERNS    X MURE APP for i-Phone and i-Pad (FREE) with multitracks audio patterns       
CONNECTORS    OUTPUT    OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type       
     PHONES    2: 1 Jack 1/4 -inch phone type, 1 mini jack       
     FOOT 2    ASSIGNABLE       
     Leslie 8 pin    NO       
     MIDI    IN, OUT, THRU       
     AUX IN    1 jack (stereo mini-jack)       
WI-FI    YES, ready for future software version       
DISPLAY    Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots Organic LED, high contrast type       
“ErP” LEVEL VI for Echo efficiency on stand-by consumption       
DIMENSIONS    Width 1062 mm
Depth 337 mm
Height 110 mm       
WEIGHT    10 Kg    

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