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S9 (Stage Piano)
Keyboard     TP-400 W (Hybrid: Wood & Plastic
88 Keys - Weighted, Hammer action,Triple contact Ivory & Ebony feels After Touch
Tone Generator     T2L: Sampling and Modelling Technology
Sampling     XXL wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes
Sound Wave Format     24 bit linear - 48 KHz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)
Digital Analog Convertion (DAC)     24 bit linear - 48 KHz, Dynamic Range, S/N:106dB
Maximum Polyphony     Unlimited with 320 Oscillator
Organ Type     TW1, TW2, FARF, VX, PIPE + User1, User2 downloadable from website
Sounds     over 100 Organ Preset + 85 Sounds + User downloadable from website
Draw-Faders     9 MOTORIZED for Tone Wheels/Mixer/EQ/Master Keyboard Controllers
Memory     Internal: 81
Unlimited loadable from USB Memory
Wave Memory     1.5 GB fully changable by the user with DEXIBELL and Sound Font format
Keyboard Mode     4 Parts (MAIN, LOWER, COUPLED, PEDAL) + 4 MIDI zones
Touch Sensivity     7 Types + Fixed
Reverb     24 Types
Effects     Rotary, Overdrive, Vibrato/Chorus for Organ + 8 Independent DSP x 17 types (2 x Main, 2 x Couples, 2 x Lower, 2 x Pedal) using "seamless changes" technology at effect recall
Master Equalizer     3-band Digital Equalizer
Chord Enhancer     YES
Controllers     FX Encoder x 6 with led meters
Data Entry/Song Level Encoder x 1 with led meters
Master Volume Knob
Whee 1 & Wheel 2
Players     .wav, .aiff, .mp3, in all format, frequency and bit rate
Recorder     .wav (48 kHz, 32-bit floating) on USB Memory
Master Tuning     415,4 Hz to 466,1 Hz (adjustable increments of 0,1 Hz)+ 2 Preset (440 Hz, 442 Hz)
Temperament     9 Types
User Temperament     YES: 3 User
Rhythm Patterns     X MURE APP for i-Phone and i-Pad (FREE) with multitracks audio patterns
Connectors     OUTPUT: Balanced: XLR (LR) - Unbalanced: jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
FOOT 1: Progressive Damper Action Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation
FOOT 2: Function assignable
FOOT 3: Expression Pedal / Function assignable

FOOT 4: Morphing Pedal / Function assignable
AUX IN: 1 jack (stereo mini-jack)
Bluetooth     Streaming Audio Input
Display     Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots Organic LED, high contrast type
Power Consumption     STAND BY: < 0,2 W
"ErP" LEVEL VI for Echo efficiency on stand-by consumption
Dimensions     Width 1270 mm
Depth 354 mm
Height 130 mm
Weight     20 Kg
Accessories     Damper Pedal and Music Stand included

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